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      Stage Road  
  2018 Barnum's Parade 2nd 2nd  
  2017 Halloween at Deadman's Hollow 3rd 3rd  
  2016 Scrapped 1st (White Hart Cup) 3rd  
  2015 Gangs of Gotham 3rd 3rd  
  2014 Freeze 5th 3rd  
  2013 Swarm Force 4th 1st (Ker Cup) (County Champions)  
  2012 The Adverntures of Ali Baba 6th 3rd  
  2011 Mississippi Queen (Destination Mardi Gras)


  2010 (Guardians of) The Deep 2nd 2nd  
  2009 Ramses Revenge (Curse of the Mummy) 1st (White Hart Cup) 2nd  
  2008 Toy Town Steam 3rd 5th  
  2007 Bushido 4th 3rd  
  2006 Yee Ha 2nd 2nd  
  2005 Spellbound 1st (White Hart Cup) 2nd  
  2004 Aztec 3rd 2nd  
  2003 Midnight Express 1st (White Hart Cup) 1st (Ker Cup)  
  2002 Invasion Force 4th 1st (Ker Cup)  
  2001 Lion King 3rd 2nd  
  2000 Calypso 4th 3rd  
  1999 Music Parade 4th 4th  
  1998 Piracy 1st (White Hart Cup) 2nd  
  1997 Topsy Turvy 3rd 4th  
  1996 Showtime 1st 4th  
  1995 Dragons 1st (White Hart Cup) 5th  
  1994 Rhythm of the Sun 1st (White Hart Cup) Oops!!  
  1993 Droids 3rd 2nd  
  1992 American Parade 1st (White Hart Cup) 2nd  
  1991 War Drums 2nd 3rd  
  1990 Flying Down To Rio 1st 2nd  
  1989 Black Magic 2nd 1st  
  1988 Circus on Parade 1st (White Hart Cup) 1st (County Champion)  
  1987 Oriental Magic 3rd 1st (County Champion)  
  1986 Caribbean Showtime 1st (White Hart Cup) 1st (County Champion)  
  1985 England's Glory 3rd 3rd  
  1984 Pirates of the Deep 2nd 8th  
  1983 Gnomes at the Flower Fair 1st (White Hart Cup) 3rd  
  1982 Mississippi Music Men 2nd 7th  
  1981 Robot Skybus 7th 1st (County Champion)  
  1980 Voodoo Warriors 2nd 8th  
  1979 Ice Warriors 7th 7th  
  1978 That's Entertainment  3rd 4th  
  1977 Carnival in Rio 7th 5th  
  1976 Krazy Cat Purr-ade 8th 8th  
  1975 The Dream of a Negro Slave 3rd 8th  
  1974 Cossack Cavalcade 2nd 7th  
  1973 Cabaret Time at the Tropical Bird 4th 2nd  
  1972 Showband 1st (White Hart Cup) 1st  
  1971 Manitau Spirit of the Redman 1st (White Hart Cup) 7th (County Champion)  
  1970 Minstrel Magic 1st (White Hart Cup) 1st (County Champion)  
  1969 Sarificial Fantasy 1st (White Hart Cup) 5th  
  1968 Madi Gras Parade 3rd 8th  
  1967 In the Pharaoh's Tomb 3rd 6th  
  1966 Homage to the Abomimable Snowman 6th 1st (County Champion)  
  1965 Students of Heidelberg 5th 8th  
  1964 The Capture of the Loch Ness Monster 5th 5th  
  1963 Gay Guards of India 7th 4th  
  1962 The Vikings 7th 3rd  





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