Ramblers Carnival Club is one of thirteen Carnival Clubs which make up the Bridgwater Gangs and Features Association and takes part in the annual Bridgwater Guy Fawkes Carnival Concerts and the Somerset County Carnival Circuit. Bridgwater always prides itself as being the 'Home of Carnival', the following information will try to explain a little about what the Carnival is all about and why it is so important to so many people.


This is a 2 week Concert which takes place in the Town Hall, Bridgwater at the beginning of October. All clubs which make up the Bridgwater Guy Fawkes Carnival Association take part each having 8 minutes to portray a stage presentation based on the theme of their entry for that year. Originally staged as a fundraiser for clubs in 1883, the Concert has now become as an important part of Bridgwater Carnival as the procession itself. To this end the clubs put in a lot of time and effort to produce a professional show which always sells out. This is done on top of the time and work that goes into the construction of the cart itself.


The origins of Bridgwater Carnival date back to the 1605 Gunpowder Plot. The local link with the plot involves Robert Parsons who was the mastermind behind the whole scheme. The failure of the plot was met with celebrations which have evolved over the years into the Carnival as we know it today. Bridgwater Carnival was for many years traditionally held on the nearest Thursday to 5th November. In a controversial move the carnival moved to a Friday in 2001 and will move to a Saturday in 2012. The procession consists of around 60 large illuminated Carts (floats) together with a variety of walking entries. The carts are up to 100 feet in length and can involve as many as 20,000 lamps (light bulbs). Competition amongst the clubs is always fierce but there is also a great sense of comradeship generated by Carnival as a whole.


This is the main link to the origins of the Carnival Procession and consists of around 100 fireworks known as Squibs which are let off in the High Street immediately after the carnival procession has finished. It is a sight which is well worth seeing.


Over the years The Ramblers Carnival Club have developed a reputation for being somewhat eccentric if not a little mischievous. It has been alleged that we have been involved in a series of incidents a selection of which are listed below.

Kidnapping 'Camelot' the fibreglass camel which overlooks the M5 Motorway and demanding a ransom for its safe return. (This made the local TV - nice one Angus!) MORE DETAILS!

Praying to Allah on the steps of Mecca (the bingo hall in Bridgwater) dressed as Palistine Militia men.

Performing the Highland Fling at the base of Admiral Blake's statue in full view of the security cameras.

Dressing up some poor unfortunate club member as a fox, and chasing him around town all evening dressed as huntsmen.

Dressing up some poor unfortunate club member as Maid Marion, and chasing him around town all evening dressed as Robin Hood and his Merry Men.

Plastering leaflets all around Bridgwater which relied on smutty innuendos as a cheap publicity stunt.

Cycling through the White Hart Hotel.

Cycling through the McDonalds Drive-thru.

Encouraging new members to perform 'Singing in the Rain' on the first night of concert and showering them with beer.

Stopping the traffic in St John Street in order to carry out an inter-club Tug of War Tournament.

The club would just like to set the record straight and state that under no circumstances would they condone such juvenile behaviour.