WHO'S WHO 2020?

Dedicated to the Memory of John Fursland, Dave 'Peanut; Pople, Owen 'Ozzie' Anthony, former Life Members of the club. From everyone in the Big 'R'


President - Norman Phillips

Life Members - Maureen Watson, Mike Hancock, Brian Sweeting, Terry Pope, Barrie Saunders, Julia McDonald, Dave Long, Steve 'Flipper' Culverwell, Roger Bishop, Norman Phillips, Trevor Gannicott, Steve Durant, Kevin 'Max; Rendle, Steve 'Fizzer' Whaites, Andrew 'Shep' Chave, Jane Pople, Dave 'Angus' Handel, Ian Saunders, Stu Lukins, Andrew Prewer, Paul Whitehead, Gary Tucker, Andy Meek, Mark Sweeting. Darren 'Dinky' Howells, Richard Crook, Steve 'Bunker' Sealey, Paul Venning, Amdrew 'Bubbles' Sellick, Stuart Mapstone, Ian 'Shafter' Palmer.

Chairman - Steve 'Fizzer' Whaites

Vice Chairman - Steve 'Fizzer' Whaites

Secretary - Paul Webber

Assistant Secretary - Kyle Prescott

Treasurer - Gary Tucker

Assistant Treasurer - Ian Palmer

Captain: Gary Tucker

Vice Captain: James Venning

Cart Co-ordinator - Ian 'Chubby' Saunders

Assistant Cart Co-ordinator - Gary Tucker

Stage Co-ordinator - James Venning

Sports Reps - Matt Prosser

Gangs and Features Reps - Ian Palmer and Kevin 'Max' Rendlel

Shed Maintenance Co-ordinator - Merv Richards


Charlie Bell, Matt Bell, Scott Blackburn, Charlie Bohot, Gary Bond, Jack Chandler, Martin Chandler, Jack Chillingworth, Joe Cresswell, Adam Crockett, Ben Cross, Shane Cross, Dan Dale, Jamie Day, Steve Drayton, Tom Esslemont, Sam Facey, George Farley, Matt Frampton, Ben Godfrey, Laim Grindrod, Rhys Haywood, Ian Fudge, Phil 'Axle' Honey, Ben Houlihan, Joe Houlihan, Andy 'Little' Long,, Lee McClaren Jarrid Mackay, Richard Meek, Rob Millburn, Simon Neal, Andy Pople, Tom Pople, James Presley, Matt Prosser, Charlie Rawle, Dan, Rossiter, Mark Saunders, John Shoemark, Matt Snook, Daniel Sweeting, Jake Sweeting, Tom Towers, Callum Tucker, Kane Tucker, Jamie Whitehead, James Venning, Dean Webber, Jack Webber, Scott Wigmore


Tony 'Fuzzy' Fursland, Kevin 'Old Fuzz' Fursland, Steve Facey, Wayne Gill, Kevin 'Max; Rendle, Dave Snook, Paul Whitehed, Neil Purchase

The club wishes to thank the following for their ongoing help

Costumes - Jane Pople, Emily Cresswell

Make Up - Mel Palmer

Lorry Drivers - Jamie Day, Shaun Long

Choreographer - Emily Meek

Musical Director - Dave Long.


Special thanks must be made to ALL Vice Presidents, far too numerous to mention individually, for their valued support.

Special thanks to the Newmarket CC boys for their help and support and to Ron Tanner and Crew (Live Action Media)

Apologies for any names omitted, there are numerous people who help us and their support is greatly valued.